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Making Sense of Your Money – Autographed Paperback [+$3.00 shipping]
February 10, 2020
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Making Sense of Your Money – Course Kit (Download + Book) [+$3.00 shipping]


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Making Sense of Your Money will give you the insights and tools to live a fully funded, debt-free life! Ed Miller will help you turn your aspirations into accomplishments if you will execute the brilliant wisdom that he shares with you.

This is the course kit that includes course material.

  • Session 1: Making Sense of Your Money:
    Most modern-day conveniences we enjoy run on a system. Just imagine if the systems at Delta Airlines were not functioning properly. What a nightmare the travelers on Delta Airlines would experience. Many flights would be delayed and others canceled.
    Likewise, there has to be a systematic and well thought out approach to financial freedom.
  • Session 2: Education and Investing:
    Anyone with a college degree made an intentional effort to pursue higher education. The college of choice is applied to. Once accepted, the major is determined. Lastly, the course work is embarked upon for completion to obtain the degree. Financial literacy requires the same intentionality.
  • Session 3: Budgeting and FICO:
    Without a working budget, one will always chase their finances. Every dollar has to have an address. Lone ranger dollars tend to take wings and fly away. A budget allows you to tell your money where to go and how to behave. Your FICO score determines if you will get credit when needed (mortgage, car loans, etc.) and how much you will pay for it.
  • Session 4: Compounding Miracle/Mortgage Frenzy:
    Investing in positions which pays compounded interest allows your investment to grow much faster and accumulate greater returns. Knowing the terms of your mortgage can save you from financial despair. There are so many options today. Choose wisely.
  • Session 5: Insurance/Buy or Lease:
    Insurance is chosen for various reasons. You must know the insurance(s) you have and why you have them. Insurance provides protections and absorbs risk. Always know the terms of a lease versus buying a car. What are the pros and cons of leasing versus buying?
  • Session 6: Session 6: Debt Freedom:
    What do you want financially? Why do you want it? What are you willing to do to achieve it?
    Now, that you have knowledge of the system to financial freedom, only application will lead to transformation. Stay the course.


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